Healing (He)art

Ivona Martinčić of Voona Design describes herself as a “designer and maker playing with yarn”.  In 2019, she created a broken crocheted heart stitched together with yarn entitled “Love Cracks” for “Okolo/Around“, an urban art intervention festival held in Zagreb, Croatia.  She made a total of five art interventions where she would “repair” or “heal” imperfections she found on street walls, wanting to show that imperfections were not ugly but were beautiful, unique and authentic.  The crocheted heart stitched together across the cracks on the wall was for her a symbol of the power of emotion and healing.  After the earthquake that shook Zagreb on 22.3.2020, it quickly went viral and became a symbol of our current times and homage to the numerous unnamed heroes who helped in the healing of our wounded city.  People would search for the “healing heart” to take photos of it and with it as a reminder that despite the all challenges we face, there is always hope and that with time all wounds and scars, however deep, heal.  Last year, she made a new heart which symoblises love coming out of a broken heart.  Her original heart has now been removed and awaits a “new home” soon.

A series of 10 photos about the “Healing (He)art” was chosen by The Other Hundred for their collection of stories entitled “Healers”.  You can see the whole collection here.

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